Clark and Lorna Hardy’s Weekly (we hope) Report to the World

This is our first attempt at a blog. We soon will be leaving the US and going to the country of Palau. We hope this site can be our way of communicating with our friends and family while we are gone.

Hardy (23)                                       0516081952


We are having fun and getting ready to serve an LDS mission. We have completed our Visa applications and have purchased most of our clothing. Our shots are finally finished, too.



3 thoughts on “Clark and Lorna Hardy’s Weekly (we hope) Report to the World

  1. Lorna, It was so fun to bump into you today. Best of luck on your mission! I know you and your family will be blessed greatly for this unselfish service. I’ll look forward to your updates.

  2. You two will do so much good on to the people! Your love and drive for doing good and positive things in your life’s, will reflect throughout your mission like it does throughout your life’s! Jonny and I can’t ever thank you enough for the love and help not only physically but spiritually as well. You will be greatly missed!!! We will always remain true to you and you will stay in our hearts forever! You’re always… Jonny and Anja 😍😍😍

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