Busy Times With Friends and Family

IMG_0238               IMG_0248

Vonn and Karen came for a visit and we had a great time.

We went to a movie, had a great dinner, had a good time at church on Sunday, and on Saturday we went to St George and saw a spectacular air show.




Layla and her boys were there and Matt and Tawna were there with their kids.

IMG_0213      IMG_0210

Abby got inside a tracked 105 cannon.                      Jeff and K8 enjoy the show.


24th of July in Scenic Enoch


Tawna and Matt were in charge of the 24th celebration in Enoch so…

Nana and Papa travelled to join them and help out with the day.

Notice how patiently we are waiting for the parade to begin.

Once it starts, everyone is having fun.

Once the parade in Cedar is over, we went to Enoch and  watched the parade there.

After the parade it was time for fun and games.