September Speeds By

The month of September completely got away from us. We were able to do so many things in such a short time that we didn’t take time to take photos, let alone post anything. Now that we are at the MTC we finally were able to squeeze out a few moments of time for a post.

August 31 we spoke in Alamo Ward. On September 14 we spoke in Mesquite 7th Ward. Lots of family attended and we had a meal and visit afterward. It was a great occasion and we want to thank everyone for being there.

In September I finished my census work and narrowly missed being a part of the I-15 flooding. We had Lorna’s mom stay with us for about 10 days and really enjoyed the visit. We enjoyed spending time with Taura, Scott, and Cameron for Taura’s birthday.

We attended soccer and football games with grandkids and were impressed with their skills.

photo (4)       photo (2)

Tyson has had a good soccer season.  We delivered a few items to Rick and Kristi and enjoyed the kids while we were there.

photo (1)                  photo (3)

We had some great devotionals at the MTC.                     Logan showing off at Jack’s practice.

Thanks to Taura and Tawna, we were able to get moved out of our condo on time. We went to Alamo on the 20th for Vaughn and Arda’s 50th. It was wonderful to visit with old friends.

The training here at the MTC has been wonderful. The spirit is so strong. The young Elders and sisters are amazing. It has been a special treat to be here for General Conference weekend.


2 thoughts on “September Speeds By

    • We walked into training yesterday and I turned to talk to some friends. Turning back around, Lorna was hugging some guy. It was Brad. We were so thrilled to see him. What a treat! He is a very good trainer. Hope all is well.

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