After the MTC, we flew to Hawaii for training at BYUH. We are training to bring the International Teacher Education Program to Micronesia. This program has been successful in helping teachers gain more education classes and to bring new ideas to their classrooms in Polynesia. We hope to bring some of the same concepts to classrooms in Chuuk. We have met with several staff members here and are gaining a vision of the why, what, and how of the program. We were able to attend the Polynesian Cultural Center on Saturday afternoon and evening.

IMG_0658  IMG_0654

The weather has been warm and humid but really beautiful. That should help us prepare for Chuuk. Brother Bailey has been a wonderful host and mentor. We are learning a lot in a short time. We ran into a missionary, Shane Stewart, (no close relation) who had been in Chuuk. He was kind enough to add to our vocabulary of Chuukeese words or phrases. We will be practicing these for next week.

IMG_0663 IMG_0679

Boats representing each island group allow the audience to watch and hear music and dancing from each of those island groups.

Notice the young man in the water in the middle picture. He was the one pushing the boat along using a pole. The guys on his raft rocked the boat so hard that he went into the water. He didn’t think it was quite as funny as they thought it was



We met the Andersons who were working at the PCC. They knew Lewis and Brenda Sharp in Elko.

We also met a man who was visiting from Nepal. His home is in Kathmandu. He was interested in the fact that we would go from Nevada to Chuuk to share Christ and to teach teachers. He works for the United Nations in his country and shared with us that he has had a feeling that he needs to do something more to help those in need in his country and elsewhere. We emailed him this morning with an invitation to learn more about this organization known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He is not an ordinary man. We pray he will respond. Does the church even have missionaries in Nepal?


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