The whole zone came in for Thanksgiving on Monday because Thursday really interrupts the work. The mission provided two turkeys and we were able to find one more here on Chuuk. The meal was as close to traditional as we could make it.

We think have at least one picture of every Elder. If you don’t see your son, let us know. The Elders seemed to really enjoy the dinner. Once everyone had a plate it was really quiet .They were all pretty serious about eating. Around our house we take that as a very good sign that the food is good. Several of them helped carry in and out and clean up.

IMG_0779       IMG_0782

IMG_0789       IMG_0788

After eating, Sister Hardy conducted a “kitchen tools” percussion group. They were quite good. After a few minutes it sounded like the show from the Polynesian Cultural Center.

IMG_0790          IMG_0774

The last group of Elders to arrive were some we didn’t have photos of. These Elders are coming in from Pata, where great things are about to happen. If your eyes are better than mine, you should be able to tell who they are. At the end of the meal, Elder White said his mom was trying to get a photo of him to use in a Christmas card. He asked if we could help him out with that. Hopefully, you can retrieve this picture without too much difficulty.

IMG_0780 IMG_0777IMG_0792 IMG_0782

Thank you all for your support and interest. We especially appreciate our kids and grandkids who are so supportive when we are so far away. Have a great Thanksgiving! We all have so much, we need to be truly thankful.



We visited Romanum and taught the Seminary students how to recognize gospel principles.

IMG_0746     IMG_0758

Leaving Romanum. Church is left, Elder’s house is right (behind bushes). Sister Hardy with Elder Fabiano and Elder Andrada.

IMG_0755             IMG_0753

Some of the Seminary students in Romanum. Elders arriving in the boat we are going to be using. We attended a District Meeting in Wichap.

IMG_0748                        IMG_0747

Elder Garae and Elder Smith from Neuo.  Elder Jeffery and Elder Vanisi from Wichap (DL). IMG_0749           IMG_0751

Elder Schroath and Elder Paulis the Zone Leaders. Language study with Elder Heim and Elder Dann. Elder Heim has been out about 3 months and has an amazing grasp of the language. Elder Dann has been out a week and is well ahead of us. My companion and I can’t speak Chuukese to each other, so we don’t learn as fast.

IMG_0754            IMG_0765

Elder Beard and Elder Fermanis. It started raining as we arrived home. Notice each step is a waterfall.  By the way,  those steps do not lead to our apartment.

IMG_0766             IMG_0767

As we were leaving for Tonowas, Elder Hokao and Elder Kjar arrived from Fono. It is a new area and they have had great success. Sister Hardy is in front of the chapel in Tonowas.

IMG_0769          IMG_0768

We arrived in Tonowas at lunch time. Elder Canakaivata and Elder Johnson were in the middle of lunch. The seminary in Tonowas is bigger than this, but because of the boat schedule we had to meet while other students were still in school.


I ran into Elders White, Simpson, Maughan, and Jonas who are all from Pata but didn’t have my camera. Sorry Moms! I’ll do better next time. Those four and Elder Siren and Elder Robinson who are on Udot are the only ones not shown on this blog. We’ll get pictures of them soon.

IMG_0759      Goodbye from Chuuk, for now.


We attended a Zone Meeting about 8 or 9 days ago. We are posting a few pictures but don’t have names. The Elder who is standing is Elder Schroath, the Zone Leader. The Elder wearing a red tie, in the right hand picture, is Elder Paulis. He became the other Zone Leader a few days later.

IMG_0715                         IMG_0714

We also visited the Seminary in Uman. I obtained a Chuukese Drivers License this past week.

Sister Hardy, ready to get into our boat. Landing site on Umon. Sister Oriko went with us to translate.

Seminary students and Elders Fermanis and Beard. Branch President and Seminary teacher Diophin Matisima. Some of the Uman students.

Leaving Uman. We met the boat at the village and left from there. Our trusty boat driver.

We felt like we were on a new ride at Disneyland. It took us just over half an hour to get there and almost an hour to return. Going into the wind makes a big difference. When the waves got bad, the young man in the hoodie would hold on to the rope and stand up to keep the front of the boat down. When the waves were big, it was a lot like riding a dirt bike. Can you say kidney buster?




IMG_0699            IMG_0697

After 5 days in Guam, we made it here to Chuuk. We live in a village called Mechitiw. The picture on the left shows our apartment. It has two bedrooms, one of which is an office. The picture on the right is taken from just outside our door. The ocean is close anywhere on the island. It has taken several days to get the internet working. After a few more days we find that the internet is not so slow at 3 or 4 in the morning. Uploading pictures is a challenge. We have met with the Seminary teachers in the area in a general meeting. Our next step is to go to the various branches and visit Seminary while they teach. We are set to make three of those visit this week. Two of those visits require a boat ride. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

IMG_0700                IMG_0701

The first Saturday we were here Elder Kleven and Elder Holmes had a baptism. These photos show Elder Holmes teaching a song to the children who are gathering for Sacrament meeting in Mechitiw Branch.

IMG_0702         IMG_0704

After the block, families are leaving. Elders Heim and Simpson from Nantaku. They confirmed three members in the meeting.

We also had the chance to meet with the Director of Education here on Chuuk and with the local high school principal. We will be offering BYUH classes in education for local teachers. The classes will be at no cost to the teachers. It should be a great blessing to the local folks who can teach with only two years of college, and little or no education classes.

Thanks to everyone at home for your support and prayers. We feel it and it helps. Now, off to Romanum.