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After 5 days in Guam, we made it here to Chuuk. We live in a village called Mechitiw. The picture on the left shows our apartment. It has two bedrooms, one of which is an office. The picture on the right is taken from just outside our door. The ocean is close anywhere on the island. It has taken several days to get the internet working. After a few more days we find that the internet is not so slow at 3 or 4 in the morning. Uploading pictures is a challenge. We have met with the Seminary teachers in the area in a general meeting. Our next step is to go to the various branches and visit Seminary while they teach. We are set to make three of those visit this week. Two of those visits require a boat ride. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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The first Saturday we were here Elder Kleven and Elder Holmes had a baptism. These photos show Elder Holmes teaching a song to the children who are gathering for Sacrament meeting in Mechitiw Branch.

IMG_0702         IMG_0704

After the block, families are leaving. Elders Heim and Simpson from Nantaku. They confirmed three members in the meeting.

We also had the chance to meet with the Director of Education here on Chuuk and with the local high school principal. We will be offering BYUH classes in education for local teachers. The classes will be at no cost to the teachers. It should be a great blessing to the local folks who can teach with only two years of college, and little or no education classes.

Thanks to everyone at home for your support and prayers. We feel it and it helps. Now, off to Romanum.



  1. All right! All familiar sites. I see you did your own decorating and rearranging in the apartment! Let the Elders know about your blog. They like to see what’s happening on their p-day (when their internet works at Mwan!

  2. Love the updates and pics. Crazy to think of you two from the small town of Alamo in such an exotic place so far from here.

  3. Lorna & Rick (aka Sister & Elder Hardy), How awesome and what a change from Mesquite or Alamo! For me, one of the biggest challenges in being in a setting like this, would be to stay focused on why I was there. I love reading your blog. Good luck to you guys. I’ll keep you in my prayers.-Corrine-

  4. I am so glad to know that you are there on Chuuk. Our son is on Romanum so we don’t get to hear from him on a regular basis so it really helps me just to know you are close, and might get to see a picture or two of him once in awhile. Good Luck to you in your service

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