We visited Romanum and taught the Seminary students how to recognize gospel principles.

IMG_0746     IMG_0758

Leaving Romanum. Church is left, Elder’s house is right (behind bushes). Sister Hardy with Elder Fabiano and Elder Andrada.

IMG_0755             IMG_0753

Some of the Seminary students in Romanum. Elders arriving in the boat we are going to be using. We attended a District Meeting in Wichap.

IMG_0748                        IMG_0747

Elder Garae and Elder Smith from Neuo.  Elder Jeffery and Elder Vanisi from Wichap (DL). IMG_0749           IMG_0751

Elder Schroath and Elder Paulis the Zone Leaders. Language study with Elder Heim and Elder Dann. Elder Heim has been out about 3 months and has an amazing grasp of the language. Elder Dann has been out a week and is well ahead of us. My companion and I can’t speak Chuukese to each other, so we don’t learn as fast.

IMG_0754            IMG_0765

Elder Beard and Elder Fermanis. It started raining as we arrived home. Notice each step is a waterfall.  By the way,  those steps do not lead to our apartment.

IMG_0766             IMG_0767

As we were leaving for Tonowas, Elder Hokao and Elder Kjar arrived from Fono. It is a new area and they have had great success. Sister Hardy is in front of the chapel in Tonowas.

IMG_0769          IMG_0768

We arrived in Tonowas at lunch time. Elder Canakaivata and Elder Johnson were in the middle of lunch. The seminary in Tonowas is bigger than this, but because of the boat schedule we had to meet while other students were still in school.


I ran into Elders White, Simpson, Maughan, and Jonas who are all from Pata but didn’t have my camera. Sorry Moms! I’ll do better next time. Those four and Elder Siren and Elder Robinson who are on Udot are the only ones not shown on this blog. We’ll get pictures of them soon.

IMG_0759      Goodbye from Chuuk, for now.


13 thoughts on “ROMANUM AND WICHAP

  1. Elder and Sister Hardy,
    Thank you for posting on a blog! I always look forward to hearing how the work is progressing in Chuuk and also of course, to hopefully sneak a peak at my son.
    My son is Elder White serving in Paata. No pic this time, but was he well? (That’s the hard part with having him serve on an outer island… Lack of communication!)
    Thank you, for all that you are doing and for keeping a watchful eye on our beloved elders in Chuuk!
    With Much Love,
    Kisty White

    • He looked good when I saw him. He had a stomach bug but seemed strong, just not 100%. We will check on him on Monday at our zone Thanksgiving. Sister Hardy has been planning and working for a week to be able to do a dinner for the Elders. We hope it will be a little bit like a traditional dinner. We promise photos.

      • Thank you for the update! That’s so great that you’re having a zone Thanksgiving dinner! Tell Sister Hardy THANK YOU, for her sacrifice of time and energy to make this a special time for them! I’m sure it’s something that Elder White and the other elders are really looking forward to! I will also be looking forward to seeing some pics! 🙂 haha
        Wishing you and Sister Hardy comfort and joy this Thanksgiving holiday as you are also away from your family and loved ones!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the picture from Chuuk. Thanks for your service it is greatly appreciated. Our son Elder Hunter served in Chuuk he is now in Guam. I think he met you when you were in Guam. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. We all have so mush to be thankful for!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting these photos and keeping us all up to date with what you are doing. It’s great to see a photo not just Elder Dann but the other missionaries in the zone also. Thank you for all you and Sister Hardy are doing. It means alot for us mums to be able to read your blog and catch up with what is going on 🙂

  4. We just found out that our son Elder Jonas was transferred to Paata this is very new to us since he served on Romanum for 11 months before that. He didn’t say much about the island, could you tell us a little bit about it, and if he still has the same address. Thanks can’t wait to see pictures from your Thanksgiving Dinner thanks for all you do for the missionaries, it means a lot to us at home. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Thank You so much for posting pictures and taking care of the Elders.
    My son is Elder Beard and I have been a little worried, so glad to see he is not melting away.
    My In-Laws live in Overton, Nevada during the winter and my husband served in Leeds, England 30 years ago.
    It’s always interesting to see what a small world we live in.
    Again many thanks for the postings.
    Have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for feeding the Elders.
    Please give Elder Beard a Hug from his Mom
    Jodi Beard

  6. Thank you so much for your loving service to our missionary! Elder Nathan Heim shows up in a few photos but each time I click to enlarge, the photo next to his enlarges, never his. I’m dying to see a close up!! Thank you for serving with your whole hearts.
    Fondly, Jamie Heim

    • We will see if we can help with that. We just met for a zone meeting so it may be a few days before we see him again. We will try to get a closer photo. Thank you for your prayers and support. Your son is an impressive missionary.

      • No worries and no hurry. I just can’t figure out why his photos won’t enlarge when all others do. Again, many thanks!!

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