The Elders were brought in from all the islands on Friday December 5 to meet with President Zarbock and Elder Ringwood before the District Conference. It was an amazing meeting. A wonderful spirit was present and we all learned a lot. The roads and a flight that was a bit late gave us time to study and get in the spirit before they arrived. It also gave us time to snap a photo or two.

IMG_0798           IMG_0800

IMG_0804           IMG_0803

The instruction was wonderful. Afterwards we went outside and took a few photos.

IMG_0804 IMG_0805

IMG_0809 IMG_0810

The tall brother with the green tie is Elder Ringwood. To his left is Sister Zarbock, then younger Sister Zarbock, who just finished a mission in North Carolina. To her left is President Zarbock.

IMG_0811        IMG_0812

Boats are coming in from the outer islands for the Saturday conference sessions.

IMG_0814         IMG_0815

Saints from the branches on Weno arrived by rented trucks. Inside the District Center. Highlights of this session were Elder Ringwood’s talk and the choir from Sapuk Branch. What a spirit! I could hardly speak for several minutes.

IMG_0816 IMG_0817

After conference, most of the saints headed back to their islands. There were at least 420 at the meetings.



  1. thank you for the pictures we see are happy son elder robinson. it is good for our hearts and spirits thanks for taking good care of the elders

  2. Wow! So many outer island members! What a wonderful experience for them to all be able to attend! Thanks for the wonderful pictures 🙂

  3. So fun to see all of the missionaries and the wonderful things going on among these beautiful islands! We miss Chuuk and our Chuuk “family” and Elders since Elder McEwan was transferred to Guam in August. What a wonderful, beautiful place you are privileged to experience :).

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