December 13 was a big meeting day for us. This time it was with the members rather than the missionaries. The S & I meeting was well attended and we felt good about what we taught.

IMG_0834                IMG_0832

We had a good lunch and then the Priesthood Leadership meeting began. I was able to present information about the family being the basic unit of the church and about calling people to serve in the branch.


IMG_0835         IMG_0830

A few days later, we stopped by a small memorial we had passed numerous times. It was sponsored by a Japanese group in honor of those who had died here in Chuuk lagoon. The picture above shows a view of the lagoon looking south and a little bit west. Over two hundred Japanese ships and planes went down within a few miles of this spot. The atoll around the lagoon was a protection from other ships, but not from US planes.

IMG_0828               IMG_0826


Elder Kleven and Elder Holmes came by because they needed something emailed to Guam. We took this quick photo which also shows Sister Hardy has been decorating for Christmas.

IMG_0827                  IMG_0825


We have planned a Christmas gift for all the members. We are going to every branch and group to present a Christmas Family Home evening. That means four FHE on this island and six on the other islands. Sister Hardy has always been great with costumes and that tradition continues.

IMG_0837          IMG_0836


Sister Hardy is barely in the shade waiting for the boat. Some sisters from Romanum have just come in and are waiting in the shade of the boathouse. On the right, is our stuff for the program. Notice the seat cushions which we bought after just two or three trips in the boats. The blue and white stripped bag is my Seminary materials. the plastic sack contains the CD player wrapped up to protect it. The big white bag is canvas and protects the computer and our written materials for the FHE. (We show a five minute 1st Presidency message about the birth of Christ) The pink bag is costumes for Joseph, Mary, stars, angels, and shepherds. There is no Chuukese word for shepherd. Our truck and the District Center are in the background. President Wainis says it is the nicest building in all of Chuuk. I agree. Even the resorts are not as nice.

IMG_0838            IMG_0840


This is our boat for most trips. It has a 40 horsepower engine and took 15 gallons of gas yesterday. Looking through the palm trees above you can almost see where we live. This island is called Fono. Elders have been here for just a short time. They have been very successful at finding good people. Behind the tree is a small building, behind that is a house where the Elders live. It has a covered porch where we met. In the picture below you can see Elder Hokao and Elder Kjar. Our boat driver is on the right (standing) and his brother and helpers are on the left. His brother is also a driver and attended the FHE with us on both islands. He helped us carry all of our junk. He was a big help. The picture on the right shows a typical boat landing on the islands. Off the end are steps which would lead to and from a boat.

IMG_0841             IMG_0716


The group below is on Udot. The branch President is President Joseph. This covered area is where they meet for church. They have benches under the tent and a homemade pulpit.

IMG_0842           IMG_0843


While watching the Christmas Message it was amazing to see the reverence that each group had when President Monson spoke. We were often on the verge of tears as the children sang “Away in a Manger” and followed Sister Hardy with hand actions.

Merry Christmas and thanks to each of you for your interest and support. We are especially grateful to our children, grandchildren, and other loved ones for your prayers and thoughtful pictures and gifts. The Lord is blessing us every day. We love Him, you, the people in Chuuk, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.



  1. Those are great pictures! Thank you for sharing them and your sweet experiences! I would love to have been there to feel of the spirit and the fun at your FHEs! Thank you for all that you do for the chuukese people, the missionaries and their families! We are all so blessed to know and love you! Merry Christmas!

    • Thank you for thinking of us. It was 80 degrees at 5:00 AM and 88 at 5PM. About 85% humidity most of the day. The branch had a dinner today. The fish and breadfruit were really good. Sister Hardy taught the kids several games while they were waiting. Tomorrow morning we will do a breakfast for the Elders.

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