A few days before  Christmas, we passed a Christmas parade. We had to stop and take a few pictures.

We hear there wasn’t any snow back home until Christmas eve. During this parade the temperature was about 88 degress and the humidity was about the same.

Up until the 23rd we continued our Christmas FHE programs. In Mechitiw it was part of the ward Christmas party.

Notice the decorations along the steps leading to the church. Good spirit, good food, good fun.

Elders came in on Christmas Eve. We showed a video about the birth of our Savior and then, with permission, we showed “The Polar Express”. We handed out our little gifts and snacks, then the Zone Leaders handed out the gifts from the Mission President. It was a good time. The morning of the 26th we made breakfast for all the Elders before they went back out to their areas. Several were also making their calls home.

IMG_0880       IMG_0881

IMG_0885          IMG_0886

The Wichap Elders were late and for missionaries, that means the food is gone. I got some extra and the Elders were happy to help cook. We were able to help 26 Elders connect with family by Skype or phone over about a 36 hour period. Given the internet problems here in Chuuk, that is pretty impressive. Sister Hardy and I took down our tree today. It is bagged up and ready for next year. We are taking our first real P day today. Happy New Year to all! Thank you for your help and support.



  1. have a happy new year,,,, thank you so much for helping the elders Skype it was the best Christmas ever to see elder Robinson smile and how happy he is thank you thank you

  2. Thank you both for all that you did to make it a great Christmas for the missionaries! And a big HUGE THANK YOU for helping them Skype!!! It was an answer to prayers and a definite tender mercy to see and talk to our son, to see his smile and to hear that great laugh of his! Bless you!! I wish you both a very Happy New Year!!!
    Ps. I’m so glad you were finally able to have a Pday!!! You deserve it!! 🙂

  3. It is good to see Elder Hunter back in Chuuk. Thanks for you service an help with Skype. We were blessed to be able to see our son. Thank you and happy and blessed New Years.

    • It is good to have him here. A day or so after he visited with you, he helped make it possible for an Elder from here, who is serving in Australia, to speak to his parents at Christmas time. We attended church in Sapuk yesterday, so we were able to say “Hi” to him. He is doing well.

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