During January we helped the Nantaku Elders find a new place to live. the water in their complex was getting really bad. We ended up finding a place for us, the new couple missionaries (the Eliasons) and for the Elders, all in the same complex. We and the Eliasons are in now and the Elders moved in on Saturday. It is a remodeled complex and is very comfortable. We are so much closer to the school and the hospital and the District Center. We won’t miss the extra couple of miles of bad road. It will save us about an hour per day travel, some days even more. Below are pictures of our new home. We are in the upstairs corner. You can see the stairway in front of our truck. Bottom left is from our little balcony. Bottom right is our apartment with the door open.

IMG_0966          IMG_0965  IMG_0962          IMG_0964

Early in January we helped 6 young men and 3 young women acquire the medical tests and information for their mission application forms. This process is very time consuming on Chuuk.

IMG_0926          IMG_0933

Near the end of the month we went to a Couples Conference in Guam. It was a great experience and a time to renew old friendships and make new ones. Elder and Sister Eliason, in the picture above, joined us in Chuuk. He is a doctor and will be volunteering time at the hospital in Weno. We enjoyed meeting Elder and Sister Proffitt, again. They came out the same time we did. Elder Proffitt is in the forground. Elder and Sister Reed, stationed in Guam, are over his left shoulder. President Zarbock is standing (without the camera ).We and the Proffitts are now the island couples with the most experience. At three months that is rather scary.

IMG_0927         IMG_0957

After all of our meetings we were able to do a river cruise. It was really interesting. We had fun and learned a lot. The boat driver was Anglo, but the helper turned out to be Chuukese. He spotted animals and told stories. At the end of the cruise, he showed us how to make fire without matches.

IMG_0941         IMG_0947

In the center of the picture above is a crab. He is going into a hole. On the branch on the right, is a big iguana.

We stopped at a place that used to have a village hundreds of years ago. Those stones acted as piers for the houses to be built on. The best part of the cruise was we got to do it together.

IMG_0952         IMG_0942

IMG_0953         IMG_0946

The plant with the beautiful flowers is ginger. The skinny trees on the right produce the infamous beetle nut, which people chew and get addicted to. They add tobacco and lime juice.

IMG_0954         IMG_0934

This is the famous(on Guam) brown snake. The river quickly goes from this wide to the width of the boat. It was a great activity and we were ready to return to Chuuk the next day.














2 thoughts on “JANUARY WAS VERY BUSY

  1. Looks like things are pretty amazing in Micronesia. We’re wondering if you helped moved Elder Heim in January. The last we heard he was living in Nantaku. We have only heard from him twice since Christmas and were wondering if things were still doing okay. We’re so grateful to you for serving alongside our young men!!

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