One afternoon we were able to go see an old Japanese Lighthouse. After WW I, the Japanese were in control of the Chuuk islands. The islands were closed to outside visitors during that time. On the southern end of Weno, our island, they built a lighthouse. During WW II the Americans did not invade, but instead, they bombed several islands in the lagoon. This was called Operation Hailstone. The Japanese had runways on several of the islands here and all of them were bombed. Much of the Japanese fleet had been moved out just days before the attack. However, nearly 200 Japanese ships and planes are sunk in the lagoon. As a result, the major tourism visitors here are the divers who come to see the wrecks.

The Sapuk Lighthouse is about the only Japanese “tourist site” to visit that is not under water.

IMG_1072                IMG_1075

Elder Eliason is taking pictures of Sister Hardy and Sister Eliason plus our two “guides”. A closer view of the lighthouse and Sister Hardy. The jungle is trying to take over as the steps show.

IMG_1067                IMG_1068

The path through the jungle is almost overgrown, but it is really beautiful.

IMG_1069                IMG_1070

In places, it is dark because of all the growth. This spot was beautiful because of the light coming through. Our little guide pointed out a small hand dug cave that was right next to the path and almost totally hidden by the jungle. We assume it was a place they might use to defend the trail.

IMG_1078              IMG_1080

The views from the top were amazing. The right photo shows an island named Tonoas. It was actually the main island during the Japanese occupation. The far left tip of the island is where we land when we go to visit the Tonoas seminary once each month.

IMG_1079              IMG_1081

The far left tip of our island is near a village called Wichap, where we also go to visit a seminary class. It is probably only about 4 miles away, but there is no road. We would have to go all the way back around the island to drive there. That would be about a 13 mile drive and would take nearly an hour and a half.

IMG_1082             IMG_1085

On the way back, we stopped at a place that used to be some kind of resort. There are old swimming pools, a few cabin-like buildings, a large main building, and pools with fish and turtles. The gates are usually open, but no one seems to be running the place.

IMG_1084              IMG_1086

You can see some of the local fish and turtles in these photos.

IMG_1087              IMG_1088

This is a better shot of the turtle. The last picture was taken on top of the “main building”.



We were able to finish up the college class during March and that has given us a bit of breathing room.

IMG_1037                         IMG_1038

We forgot to mention that in February, our supervisor, Brother Nicerio, came for a visit. We had a seminary visit to Romanum scheduled for Friday the 13th. He was able to go with us. Here he is, before we left, practicing to be a boat driver. When we arrived, they had made headbands for all of us. Sister Hardy looked the best!

IMG_1040                       IMG_1041

This is the Romanum Chapel. We land right in front of it. Charness, the boat driver, is in the black coat. The man in the striped shirt is the Branch President, President Walter. On the way, we made a detour and picked up some Elders. We had to drop them off on the way home. Elder Simpson is trying to prevent sunburn. Charness is our captain. Brother Nicerio and Elder Robinson are on the right.

IMG_1043                      IMG_1054

Elder Robinson and Elder White on the dock at Udot. Children from Uman saying, “Goodbye”.

IMG_1046                      IMG_1045

Seminary and Institute teachers and priesthood leaders during our monthly training session.

IMG_1092                      IMG_1093

One morning, as we arrived at the church for seminary, the sunrise was beautiful. The photo on the right is even more beautiful.


We apologize to our readers. We haven’t had time to post anything lately, but promise to do better. During February we had extra meetings and we ended up covering for a faithful Seminary teacher who is having a hard time walking. She lives nearly a mile from the church and can only walk a few meters. Sister Hardy and I get up at about 4 or 4:30 AM in order to be at the chapel by 6 AM for Seminary. It has been very demanding but also very rewarding. We still have all of our other assignments so it has been hard to post.

IMG_0972        IMG_0978

The first week of February we had our regular Zone Meeting followed by a Zone Conference a few days later.

Sister Hardy is at the Conference with the Eliasons and Sister Zarbock behind her.

IMG_0987         IMG_0986

Elder Schroath listens as Elders role play a lesson.       Elder Paulis does the same.

IMG_0979           IMG_0980

Everyone worked hard and had a great conference. The spirit was really present.

IMG_0990           IMG_0994

At the end of the conference, one district presented a song. It was amazing. The conference was wonderful!