We apologize to our readers. We haven’t had time to post anything lately, but promise to do better. During February we had extra meetings and we ended up covering for a faithful Seminary teacher who is having a hard time walking. She lives nearly a mile from the church and can only walk a few meters. Sister Hardy and I get up at about 4 or 4:30 AM in order to be at the chapel by 6 AM for Seminary. It has been very demanding but also very rewarding. We still have all of our other assignments so it has been hard to post.

IMG_0972        IMG_0978

The first week of February we had our regular Zone Meeting followed by a Zone Conference a few days later.

Sister Hardy is at the Conference with the Eliasons and Sister Zarbock behind her.

IMG_0987         IMG_0986

Elder Schroath listens as Elders role play a lesson.       Elder Paulis does the same.

IMG_0979           IMG_0980

Everyone worked hard and had a great conference. The spirit was really present.

IMG_0990           IMG_0994

At the end of the conference, one district presented a song. It was amazing. The conference was wonderful!


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