We were able to finish up the college class during March and that has given us a bit of breathing room.

IMG_1037                         IMG_1038

We forgot to mention that in February, our supervisor, Brother Nicerio, came for a visit. We had a seminary visit to Romanum scheduled for Friday the 13th. He was able to go with us. Here he is, before we left, practicing to be a boat driver. When we arrived, they had made headbands for all of us. Sister Hardy looked the best!

IMG_1040                       IMG_1041

This is the Romanum Chapel. We land right in front of it. Charness, the boat driver, is in the black coat. The man in the striped shirt is the Branch President, President Walter. On the way, we made a detour and picked up some Elders. We had to drop them off on the way home. Elder Simpson is trying to prevent sunburn. Charness is our captain. Brother Nicerio and Elder Robinson are on the right.

IMG_1043                      IMG_1054

Elder Robinson and Elder White on the dock at Udot. Children from Uman saying, “Goodbye”.

IMG_1046                      IMG_1045

Seminary and Institute teachers and priesthood leaders during our monthly training session.

IMG_1092                      IMG_1093

One morning, as we arrived at the church for seminary, the sunrise was beautiful. The photo on the right is even more beautiful.



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