It has been an awesome experience to be a small part of the humanitarian service here in Chuuk. We have helped where we could and have been blessed by our service. It is amazing to see the response of the people to the destruction. People on the street still greet us with smiles and a sincere “Ran Annim”.
A lot of trees were blown over, and much of the fruit has been lost; yet, when we visit an island, they still try to give us coconuts to drink.
Brother Kodama, from Church Humanitarian Services, was on the first plane in to Chuuk after the storm. He worked very hard to help with the initial response and was helpful in getting food and water to members and nonmembers, alike. We are the only church that is present at the Disaster Response Planning Meetings and are often called on to open the meetings with prayer.
Several tons of rice, ramen, canned fish, and water were purchased and stored in the District Center for a few days until it could be distributed. We helped with moving the commodities into the building. It was amazing! A few pictures are included below.

IMG_1148               IMG_1149


Elder and Sister Eliason and Brother Matisima, first counselor, stand by the container full of rice. The Elders are ready to get started. L to R, Elders Maughan, Beard, Robison, White, Heim, and Jonas.

IMG_1190               IMG_1189

The work begins. Members and missionaries work together, in two lines, to unload about 30 tons of rice and stack it on the floor of the multi-purpose room.

IMG_1193               IMG_1194

The pile of rice was huge when we finished.

IMG_1208               IMG_1214

The sisters helped with the ramen and fish. Here is Sister Hardy with Brother and Sister New Year.

IMG_1152               IMG_1162


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