We have been asked to help with co-writing a script and co-producing a Book of Mormon Pageant for Chuuk and for Kosrae, another island in our mission. That task has taken much of our time in the last few weeks. The pageants will be a part of the Book of Mormon “roll-out” for these languages. Kosrae will have their celebration in July and Chuuk will celebrate in November. The Kosraean Book of Mormon will be the 110th language translation of the book. The Chuukese version will be language 111.

The script is finished now, and Sister Hardy has been working on costumes for the last several days. We will be going to Kosrae at the end of the week to help with the stage, costumes, and directing. It will be a very busy four days.

We also continued our regular duties and have just finished a class on assessment for college students who want to become school teachers here in Chuuk. We are also teaching a workshop on classroom management to the principals of all the schools here in Chuuk. It will take four sessions to teach them all.

IMG_1314               IMG_1315

These photos show some of our college students taking their final exam for the class. Sister Hardy is doing language study.

We also have managed to put together a seminary and institute graduation, and to help with a Family History Discovery Day. The upcoming youth conference has also taken a lot of our time and energy. I happens on the 26 and 27 of Jume, so, next post we should have pictures.

We are sorry it is taking so long between posts. Each time we post, we think we will be able to post again, very quickly. So far, we have not been able to make that happen. We promise to do our best in the future.

IMG_1274                    IMG_1273

We managed to find time to participate in a 5K walk for those who had lost homes in the typhoon. The spray paint shows we made it to every checkpoint. We were in the first 10 finishers in our age group so we received a T shirt.

IMG_1303              IMG_1307

Here we are with brother Nicerio, our supervisor. The second picture show priesthood leaders, teachers, and students.

IMG_1305               IMG_1306

Mwan Institute students. Both young men have mission calls.

IMG_1296               IMG_1293

When we first arrived, we were the only missionary couple on the island. Now we have Elder and Sister Eliason (doctor), Elder and Sister Reed (self-reliance), and Elder and Sister Beecham (judicial). The Beechams are not under the mission, but are under the direction of the church’s legal department. They are here helping the local Justices. It was Elder Beecham’s birthday and we were invited to their hotel for a party. The L5 hotel is next to the airport and the ocean, so we took the opportunity to take some photos.

IMG_1295              IMG_1300

We appreciate all the support and help we have received. Many families have sent clothing and other items for the victims of the typhoon. We have distributed items to those in need, which sometimes includes missionaries who have lost a lot in the storm. We send our love and thanks to all of our friends and family who have been so good to support us during our mission here in Chuuk. We see the Lord’s Kingdom growing here and feel blessed to be a part of the process. Thank you for your help and prayers.