Once we finished the S & I graduation programs and the BYUH class we thought we would have a little time to catch up on things and maybe relax just a bit. So far that hasn’t happened. Doing laundry often takes most of a day, especially if we have to wait for washers or dryers. A photo of a typical laundromat day.

IMG_1133           IMG_1337

We have also helped the Reeds and the members with a garden or two. Sister Hardy and Sister Beecham pose beside the garden in Sapuk. We usually spend at least one day a week, and often two, helping prospective missionaries with their paperwork for missions. The medical, dental, and legal processes are very convoluted and certain things are only dealt with on specific days of the week. That is further complicated if the prospective missionary lives off island and has to come in to Weno multiple times. Fuel fuel for a boat runs about $50.00 per trip. Most of these young people have little help from parents, and some parents are in opposition to their children leaving. It takes a lot of our time, but it is well worth it. These young men and women will be the leaders of the District and Branches in just 4 or 5 years.

IMG_1316           IMG_1321


We finally got a chance to visit Xavier High School in Sapuk. It was started by the Jesuits and they continue to staff the school today. It is well known throughout Micronesia and students from many islands and even the far east come to attend this school. The facility was originally a WWII Japanese complex. Additions have been made as the school has grown.

IMG_1334              IMG_1320


The Beechams, Father Bob, and Sister Hardy. A bomb struck the facility but failed to detonate; it is encased in this concrete pillar. Father Bob was an excellent guide and shared stories and information about the school. Most of the teachers are Jesuit volunteers.

Each of the four states of the FSM are represented by a traditional structure. The students from the islands often gather in these areas after class or during free time.

IMG_1327           IMG_1326

The school also houses a wonderful library/museum of things Micronesian. It is a lifetime of collected culture and information. These sticks are maps the old-timers would use to find their way from one island group to another. They are amazing artifacts, which appear simple, but are complex in that they allow for currents as well as direction.



IMG_1323 IMG_1330  IMG_1324


Four or five rows of books, periodicals, and government generated information are also in the collection.

In June we traveled to Kosrae to help with their Book of Mormon Pageant. We were able to watch two young men be baptized. The middle picture shows the family. The photo on the right shows a young father who is a huge strength to the Branch and District in Kosrae. He is a returned missionary from a San Diego Mission.

IMG_1365           IMG_1367

We built a stage (you can see it on the right of the first photo) and completed one run through with part of the cast, so we felt pretty good about the pageant. Hopefully, all will come together for the celebration. Elder Hurst visits with a member who was a carpenter and a great help in building the stage.

IMG_1363           IMG_1364

Kosrae has a lot of something that is a scarce commodity on Chuuk; sandy beaches and the sound of ocean waves were a pleasant surprise to us. After returning home, we taught two more sessions to principals here in Chuuk and attended a great Zone Conference with the Elders. President and Sister Zarbock did a wonderful job of teaching us.

IMG_1368           IMG_1369


L to R Elders Maughan, Fiti, Robinson,          L to R Elders Leota, White, Beard, Matavo, Bloxham, Dann, Kjar, and Garae.                    Stripling, Heim, Jonas, and President Zarbock.

Recently, we attended a couples conference in Guam. It will help us be ready for seminary in a month. Bishop Nicerio did a great job and it was wonderful to have Elder Jung there to teach us. We spent every free minute working on the sound for the Kosrae pageant. It took us a day or two after we returned home, to catch up on our sleep. Next week we go to Kosrae for the pageant and celebration. We still aren’t sure about Youth Conference. It may happen this week or it might be put off again. Hopefully, our next post will have some great pictures.