We don’t have leaves turning red and gold or shorter days or the chill of the night when you open the door in the morning, but we have the end of summer activities and the beginning of the routines that signal fall is here. I mentioned that we had a couples conference in July. Below is a photo of the group. We returned to Kosrae for their celebration; we joined with the Hursts and the Battys in helping the members make it a great day. The Hursts and the missionaries of the Kosrae Zone enjoyed a lunch at the Nautilus cafe.

IMG_1382          IMG_1385

The production went well, but we were backstage so all we have are shots of dress rehearsal. Several of those follow:

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An Old Testament Prophet                 The people separate into Lamanites and Nephites

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Father tells stories from The Book of Mormon                Another Prophet; Moses

01272ddcfc961345f09d482600e66d9eff2667f63b      01859cac6fe86e94a1249d96fc97f992925941cd39

Lehi’s family gives thanks for arriving in the promised land.     Wicked King Noah

01b2afb28c04d1c9db352a6a56e8d20c24b5e97ab9      0108b8234ae51df95c4db1112bd2633a6a717d7d29

Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty             The entrance to the celebration

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01febff8c68aacec98b0a3ccb2c851954217e5979f 0179db7bd23c48811f1bec094a48d5b95cf4a3fbd2

The cultural celebration included singing, dancing, and crafts. The two branches also had a combined choir that was amazing.

0139afb6d592f9ebed9bdf931c37e5460207eae758       01c4d120ac912d6afcb9542c7983430a2d75926207

Sister Hurst and Sister Batty                                   Elder & Sister Hardy ready to fly back to Chuuk


One thought on “SUMMER COMES TO AN END

  1. Elder and Sister Hardy, thanks for sharing so much on your blog! I just arrived to teach math at Xavier High School this year and found this when trying to look up what time the Sunday meetings start in sapuk (which I can’t see on for whatever reason). Anyway, I hope to meet you both soon (maybe tomorrow)!

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