After being postponed several times, we were able to help with Chuuk District Youth Conference. The weather and the schedule finally came together last Saturday and the youth were able to participate in their Youth Conference.

IMG_1405  IMG_1406

Sister Hardy decorated a bit.   The Reeds and Eliasons get ready for the youth to arrive.

IMG_1421     IMG_1408                     Some arrived by boat.                  Everyone got an arm band with 1 of 3 colors.

The District Leaders did a great job.

Everyone had the opportunity to feel the spirit as they learned about embarking in the service of God. Speakers talked about serving with heart, might, mind and strength.

Each branch provided some form of entertainment. Some sang.

IMG_1437      IMG_1440

Others danced.

One branch wrote and performed a skit.

IMG_1435      IMG_1434

The young people loved it! Everyone seemed to have a great time.

IMG_1484      IMG_1483

IMG_1468      IMG_1469

The Pioneer Dancing and the Balloon Games were a hit!

IMG_1474      IMG_1473

IMG_1461     IMG_1465

We were sad to see everyone leave for home.

IMG_1488      IMG_1486

Once again, we express our gratitude to our friends, family and loved ones who support us; more importantly, we express our gratitude to the Lord for His tender mercies each day and especially for giving us the opportunity to serve here in Chuuk and the Micronesia Guam Mission.







  1. It looks like it was a LOT of work and planning, but a lot of fun!!! Thank you again for sharing! It’s fun to see that the youth in the church do the same fun things all over the world! Xo

  2. Love to see the pictures and read of the progress. I’ve recently been called as ward mission leader…..and failing miserably. But I’ll keep trying.

    • That is a great calling, but tough. I don’t believe the failing part. We all get better at callings by doing them. I was a Bishop’s counselor 3 times. The Lord kept calling me until I could get it right. Hope I did!

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