A Busy Two Months

THE MONTHS OF DECEMBER AND JANUARY were very busy. We didn’t get time to post a new blog. Sorry Lance. Our celebration for the Book of Mormon in Chuukese was wonderful. We had some real concerns about weather, but with fasting and prayer all went well. We started the day with a devotional; next was an open house with missionary displays and others. We fed over 1250 for lunch and then had a cultural celebration and the pageant. We finished with a dinner for about 800 people. Elder Choi of the 70 was the presiding authority.

image  IMG_2241-2  image  image image  image

Even Sister Zarbock and Sister Choi were included in the dancing. The cultural program was great and the Book of Mormon Pageant was really great. Hopefully, these pictures will help tell the story.

image image1 (3) IMG_2288

Lamanites and Nephites. Moroni and the title of Liberty. Samuel the Lamanite preaches.

image1 (1)

The Father and Son appear to the prophet Joseph.

The day after the celebration was District Conference. It was well attended and the full Book of Mormon was available to all of the Saints.

Christmas and New Years celebrations seemed to come before we were ready. We had the opportunity to speak with friends and loved ones. It was a great time for us.

image1 (4)

Our apartment is a bit larger so we invited the Eliasons and Reeds to join us for New Years Eve. In typical senior fashion, we finished the party at about 9 PM (Don’t ever get old; you do strange things). Later in January, we went into Guam for a Senior Couples Conference. It was great to see old friends and make new friends. Most of the couples will be returning home before the next conference, so it was hard to say good-bye to friends we may never see again, in this life. A few pictures follow; they take so long to upload we could not get every couple included.

image1 (5)  image1 (6)  image1 (7)  image1 (8)

Sister Reed helps with the stewardship report. Elder and Sister Thomas are the Military couple. The Hamiltons are the office couple and do a great job. Elder and Sister Hedgpeth are our counterparts in Pohnpei. They do S & I.

We are so great full for all the prayers in our behalf. We are so impressed with the young Elders and Sisters who are so diligent and strive to be exactly obedient. The gospel is true; we just need to live it.



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