During February, we were invited to go to Guam and put on the pageant for the wards there. It was a great experience and we made some great friendships and memories while we were there. The pageant was wonderful. Most of the actors were Chuukese but we also had local actors and a few Americans. Several minor miracles showed us just how much the Lord was helping us with the event. We were so blessed.

After returning to Chuuk, we had our February inservice and a seminary visit almost every day. We had a fun institute activity on February 27. The young adults did a service project and repaired several song books. They had speakers, a meal, and danced. It was a fun time for them to get together. Once we caught up on our visits, it was the middle of March and time for our March inservice. President Zarbock was here for the middle week in March and he was followed by Patriarch Gittens who gave multiple blessings. The final week will include a visit from Brother Nicerio, our S & I leader. No wonder it has taken me so long to post again.

We did have a Mwan Branch Relief Society activity; the husbands were invited to join them after the meeting. A few pictures follow.

IMG_1709    IMG_1705

IMG_1706    IMG_1704

The priesthood brothers are doing what we always do at Relief Society events; wait for food.

IMG_1706     IMG_1708

Once again, we thank you all for your support and prayers. E/S Hardy