In April the Young Women had a combined New Beginnings and YW in Excellence Evening. It was actually afternoon since it is not advisable to be out after dark. Few have cars so an evening activity would put young sisters in a situation where they had to walk home in the dark. It was well attended and a first for this sort of activity in Chuuk.

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We also had a fun YM & YW activity. The youth met on a Saturday morning and took a boat ride to a nearby island for a picnic. We had 4 boats and they each had to make two trips coming and going to get all the youth transported. We had chicken and hot dogs from the grill and potato salad and kimchi on island plates (leaves).

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It was amazing to see the way the older youth pitched in and gathered sticks for cooking, firewood, and organized games. With the warm water, swimming was a big attraction for many of the youth.

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During May we also were able to witness several baptisms including this wonderful family from Mechitiw.

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One last trip to Rominum brought joy and sorrow. We love all the branches and students and teachers, but this was our last boat trip and the realization that we won’t ever be going back really had an impact. We love the saints here.

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We really appreciate all who have helped us in any way. We thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for us we have so much to do and the time is going so quickly.