Our graduation was held on June 2, 2016. We had set the day partly for Brother Nicerio. As it turned out, a big event in Guam prevented him from being able to get a flight back to Guam. We did OK without him, but missed his presence. We didn’t have any graduates this year but had many who completed the Old Testament course of study. The teachers worked very hard to help with make-up work.


Sister Ewar taught Institute in Mwan and Sister Walter taught on .Romanum. Three of the boys attended at both places depending on which island they were on at the time class was taught.


This photo shows S and I students who earned certificates this year. Most of the teachers are also shown.

IMG_1869                                       IMG_1868

The mission had a new Elder’s Quarters built on Udot. It is very nice, and very functional. I was blessed to be able to attend the open house and dedication of the structure. It was well attended and over 100 were in attendance. After the dedication, the local leaders had prepared a meal and those in attendance were fed physically as well spiritually.



The dinners were prepared and served up on plates and setting on the floor of the new apartment. You can probably just make out the meal consisted of chicken, hot dog, rice, breadfruit, taro, and a banana desert. This traditional dinner is a part of Chuukese culture. anywhere we go, if people are eating, we are always invited to join them. They share food like no other culture I know. considering how little they sometimes have, it says a lot about the people.


IMG_1877IMG_1880  IMG_1887

Elder Reed and I were happy to be able to be a part of the day. The next FHE we drove part way to the octopus. We hiked the rest of the way to the microwave tower and were able to get some good pictures. The Eliasons had about two weeks left and the Reeds about three. It was a nice time together.

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One Friday afternoon and the following Saturday was scheduled for a Father’s and Son’s camp out.  We took several boats to a small island. The organization left something to be desired, but the boys had fun and were able to hank out with some good priesthood leaders. Most of the boys who went were less active. I scheduled a boat to take me back to Blue Lagoon. Lorna met me there and we had some dinner. It went well considering all that could have gone wrong.

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Most of the food came with the later boats which didn’t arrive until very late. The boys found coconuts that had just sprouted and broke them open. They were filled with spongy white material. the boys told me it was Chuukese bread. It tasted good and was a lot like bread. It did not have a strong coconut flavor. After dark we built a fire which helped keep the mosquitoes away. The young men found coconut crabs and them them on the fire. After roasting for a few minutes, they pulled them out and threw them in the ocean to cool them off before eating them. No one went hungry.


The Eliasons have gone; the Reeds leave in two days and we have about 5 more weeks. Strange days indeed!